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Who we are

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Luke used to be a metal finisher, but wasn’t happy what he doing. He came to this store and helped his friend who was the previous owner.

He started out as the bather; he enjoyed and loved this job so much.

The Change

Luke became the new owner in 2005.

He has worked as a groomer for more than 20 years and his special ability to work with even the most difficult dogs.

The team with 3 professional groomers serve 15-20 customers daily.

  • What else?

    This store has been owned and operated by experienced groomers since 1991.

    Throughout the years, ownership of the business has been passed down to the groomers who worked here.

    This is the oldest grooming shop in Falls Church.

We love to hear from pet lovers like you, if you have a question or a suggestion, feel free to contact details below us. Oh, we also love to hear about your pets health , so don’t be shy.

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