What We Offer

Taking payments is a crucial part of any grooming business. It may be the best part – this is where your clients reward you for the value you generated and communicated. Now you get remunerated!

Walk – in Services

  • Nail Clipping

    The price is done at $10 .

  • Nail Clip w/feet trim

    The service price ids done at $15.

  • Nail Clip w/filling

    The service price is done at $15.

  • Anal Gland Expression

    The anal gland expression has a range price of between 5-10$.

  • Sanitary Clip

    The Sanitary Clip has a range price of between 5-10$.

Appointment Scheduling Services

  • Prices range from $15 - $120.

  • Primarily based on size of the dog, e.g. Chihuahua would be a $15, very large dogs like St. Bernards would be $120 since they can take all day.

We love to hear from pet lovers like you, if you have a question or a suggestion, feel free to contact details below us. Oh, we also love to hear about your pets health , so don’t be shy

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